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Coaching and Consulting Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne

We develop new innovative strategies and methods to
individuals, leaders, teams, and businesses ...

Whether you are within a corporate environment, service based business, a life coach, motivated individual, entrepreneur - we specialise in training and coaching people to achieve higher levels of performance therefore achieving better results much faster, both within themselves and business.

David Wright of DW Consulting is a Performance Coach & International Trainer of NLP and Leadership - he has been training and coaching 'Innovative Leadership & Mental Strength & Resilience' throughout Australia and overseas for a combination of 25 yrs (see more below).

A leader of influence is able to execute rational focused decisions under many levels of threat, stress and pressures - and is capable of dissociating from there emotional states. This shows a good level of emotional intelligence, opening up the opportunity to move into the beneficial state of optimum performance allowing them to achieve better outcomes and results and make clearer focused decisions.

BUT ...this is NOT always the case in business - as human beings we are all subject to old patterns of thoughts and emotions - AND can be triggered at the most stressful of times for example; a person doubting themselves - the belief of not being good enough - making irrational decisions in critical moments - judging others through projecting - not having clarity under pressure... and more.

"A Modern Day Leader is a person of influence... someone that gains trust, and is highly respected within their environment and peer group."

At David Wright Consultants we train and coach 'Innovative Leadership & Coaching' which includes the most up to date tools and technology of neuroscience and human behaviour.

If you're looking to become highly unique and trained Influential Leader in the field of Neuroleadership - NLP & Leadership - Communication - Human Behaviour - Performance Coaching - etc CONTACT US TODAY

Want to train with us..?

No matter how big or small your business we are on hand to train, coach and upskill you, your team, and business with the most updated modern tools to deal with the everyday pressures of being a modern day Leader - some of these skills include;

  • Emotional Intelligence & Resilience
  • Mindset & Communication
  • language & Influence
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • eDISC & Behavioral Management
  • Neuro Leadership
  • Stress Management
  • NLP Leadership 
  • Goals & Planning

Team building and more... through a blend of  live and online trainings, upskilling - coaching & mentoring within our programs ...

We can bring our training to you...

CONTACT US ...for more information about our amazing trainers travelling to your city, state, country...


  • 1Innovative Leadership
    To introduce new innovative strategies, frameworks and methods with businesses, leaders, and entrepreneurs.
  • 2Boosting Performance
    Under the pressures of a results based environment - we train our clients to perform at optimum level.
  • 3Influential Leaders
    To train, coach and upskill businesses, leaders, and entrepreneurs to become key people of influence .

vision & mission

Our Mission

To develop and inspire innovative leaders and entrepreneurs in business around the globe.

Our Vision

To Empower Leaders and Entrepreneurs with the necessary motivational and strategic skills to grow, contribute and make an impact in business ...

This will be implemented through powerful live and online training and coaching modules and sessions.

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