Extended DISC Assessments

At DW Consultants we have a designed a series Innovative Leadership Training Programs - designed for New Thought Leaders - Cutting edge and containing only the most innovative tools - techniques - strategies and frameworks. They have been professionally designed to cater for all levels of individuals, employees, managers, leaders, that will upskill you to NEW level of understanding of Communication, Relationships, Emotional Intelligence, Coaching, Influence, Mentoring, Leadership, and Positive Mindset.

We cater our trainings to suit the demographic and to meet the needs of the client. No matter what the numbers, we cater from one on one training and coaching too a max of 30 team members.

We are very flexible on our delivery location and can adapt to train anywhere - whether it be at your workplace or a private venue. We can also arrange for venues to made available for trainings.

As our trainings are a mixed blend of both Live Training and online coaching (see below) - they are also delivered both Live and Online... We can deliver the training either Live OR Online OR Both....

Ideally we prefer to deliver the training part of the program Live, followed up with both Online and Live Coaching.... (see below)

Contact us for more information on any of our Innovative Leadership Training Programs.

Contact us for more information reference traveling to your location for Live & Online delivery for one of any of our training programs...

Leadership Trainings -

  • Leadership & Influence in the workplace 
  • Innovative Coaching in the workplace (part 1)
  • Innovative Coaching in the workplace (part 2)
  • Emotional Intelligence in the workplace 
  • Relationship Building in the workplace  
  • Improving Communication in the workplace