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Business Training & Coaching Programs

Improve Results in the workplace - upskill your business - your team - and of course most importantly yourself - update your Leadership skills - Improve Communication - Manage your Emotional Intelligence - Learn to Coach & Mentor - Improve your Resilience - and even learn to manage those workplace Stress Levels in an environment that demands results from the modern day leader....

Adaptive Training & Coaching Programs

Because of the business's individual needs we have made our training packages very adaptable - You can interchange the topic of your training - which will automatically adapt the coaching and behavioural assessment.

For Example:

  • Ei & Resilience training will include PR6 Resilience Assessment & Coaching
  • Extended DISC training will include Extended DISC Assessment & Coaching
  • Coaching in the workplace training (Choose eDISC OR PR6 Resilience Assessment & Coaching)
  • Improving Communication training (Choose eDISC OR PR6 Resilience Assessment & Coaching)

We have made it simple and adaptable for you to choose your workplace training and coaching packages -

Steps to create your Business Training & Coaching Package

  1. You choose your style of training to suit - Check out your training options.
  2. All packages have 3x Coaching sessions PLUS 3x follow up sessions included (skype, zoom, etc)The first coaching session (1/1.5 hours) will be an assessment of your behavioural report and goal setting and will be carried out within 24/48 hours of training - either face to face within the training group/team - or one on one (depending on size of group/team).
    The remainder of the two (2x) coaching sessions and follow up sessions can take place via (skype, zoom, etc).
  3. Your training of choice will relate to the behavioural assessment used to coach each individual team member.
  4. When your training is booked we will need a copy of each attending team member so we can individually assess each person. This information can be held back until the coaching and can be used for manager purposes.

When choosing your training you can add a training of your choice that meets the needs of your team. To get the best out of your program we have added strategic coaching plans that have be adapted to the context of your choice in training.... (see below example)

Leadership Training & Coaching Program

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Half/Full Day Training of Choice
3x Coaching Sessions (1x Training Team/Group face to face) - (2x Online skype, zoom, etc).
3x Follow Up Sessions - (Online skype, zoom, etc)
Behavioural Assessment Report (of Choice) - Extended DISC - PR6 Resilience - i4 NeuroLeader
HRV Bio Feedback feedback monitoring (optional)
From 1 - 20 team members
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Psychologically we all learn and motivate differently - there's no right or wrong way we are all individual in are learning. That's why the modern day leader needs to have more awareness of themselves and human behaviour so as to make an impact and influence those those around them.

To be a leader with influence, one must be able to not only influence but inspire and motivate their team to achieve greater results ...

Continue to do the same thing - you continue to get the same results...

We have developed a framework that is adaptable to your needs as a business - so you can get the most out of our trainings and your team and leaders.