• PR6 Resilience Assessments

    PR6 Resilience Assessments

    Coming Soon... PR6 Resilience Psychometric device is a Neuro-Science based psychometric resilience measuring tool ...

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  • Training Programs

    Training Programs

    Business Training & Coaching Programs Improve Results in the workplace - upskill your business - your team - and of…

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  • Extended DISC Assessments

    Extended DISC Assessments

    At DW Consultants we have a designed a series Innovative Leadership Training Programs - designed for New Thought Leaders - Cutting…

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  • Workplace Trainings

    Workplace Trainings

    Trainings in the workplace Our trainings have been professionally built and designed to cater for all levels of staff employees,…

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  • NLP Leadership Programs

    NLP Leadership Programs

    NLP Leadership Training Our fully accredited trainings are recognised throughout Australia and Internationally through The Australian Board of NLP (ABNLP)…

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